A limited liability company (LLC) is frequently used for small and medium-sized businesses.

Just like an entrepreneur with a trade license, an LLC must obtain a business license for the relevant service it wishes to provide in the Czech Republic. The business license can be either a trade license or a different type of license or authorization. Only after the license is obtained may the company be registered with the commercial register. The company comes into existence by being registered with the Commercial Register by the respective court. The statutory body of the company must apply to the relevant court and register within 90 days from the date the company was founded or the date the company`s trade license or similar business authorization was issued and delivered. The court is required to register the company or to deliver a negative decision within 5 working days after submission. The administrative fee for the court registration is 6,000 CZK.


The following documents are required for court registration:

  • Founding documents, not older than three months, such as a founding contract or agreement of association
  • Specimen signatures of the company's associates (members of the company`s statutory body)
  • Evidence that the company`s registered capital was deposited in the minimum required amount (usually shown by a bank statement)
  • Statement of credibility signed by each member of the statutory and supervisory body; and the consent with the entry into the Commercial Register
  • Statements from the criminal registry/record for each proposed representative and supervisory board member
  • Business license – i.e. trade license or other licenses/authorizations permitting business activities
  • Evidence of title (ownership right or the consent of the owner) to the premises where the registered office of the company will be seated (not older than three months)
  • Powers of attorney for any person (obligatory for foreigners without a delivery address in the CR) to be registered in the Commercial Register in relation to the incorporation of the company (e.g. executive officers)


Ownership, registered capital and liability


The ownership share is determined by the share of the associates in the registered capital of the company. The minimum registered capital for an LLC is 1 CZK.

Owners of an LLC are jointly liable for their company`s obligations up to the full amount of the registered capital of the company and individually liable up to the amount of their respective contributions to the registered capital.

There are several ways to establish a business in the Czech Republic.

Foreign nationals can establish and run their business under the same conditions and same extent as Czechs. Foreign nationals can become an entrepreneur as well as founder or co-founder of a company, or may join an existing Czech company. Foreign companies may also operate in the Czech Republic, either by establishing a branch office registered in the Czech Republic, or by establishing a new Czech company or obtaining a trade license.

CZ Visa and Immigration can assist you with obtaining a trade license; or establishing a limited liability company or branch office registered in the Czech Republic.